Regarding the Mihrab

After 9/11, it became tougher to have elaborate last names to say the least.  We wanted to do something positive and show the world that though we are different, we are more similar that people might think.  

Through our similar interests in sacred architecture, we inserted a Mihrab- the essential element of a Muslim prayer wall- into the Carnegie Museum of Arts’ Hall of Sculpture.  The Mihrab against the context of the classical orders of the Hall of Sculpture - an icon of western hegemony- is a play of power and references the way a religious buildings of significance often overtime are appropriated by another group.

This was similar to the immigrant communities in Pittsburgh which established territory through the conversion of religious spaces.

Regarding the Mihrab was a recipient of the best public art projects from Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN).

It was published in Architect’s Newspaper, Gençsanat, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Public Art Review, Recirca, Pittsburgh City Paper, and Pittsburgh Tribune)

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